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Reflecting on 2016

Tara Reid

2016 was an incredible year for me and my business! Starletta Designs grew beyond any hopes and dreams I ever had for it.

Taking the time today to take a look at back at the incredible things 2016 had in store for Starletta Designs:

February 2016 - My amazon transformations story was published on! Super exciting, but a little nerve-wracking to share my personal story with the world.

March 2016 - A team from Handmade at Amazon came to my home studio to film a Featured Artisan video. This was a truly incredible experience, and for anyone who knows how shy and quiet I am, I am truly impressed that I actually went through with it.

April 2016 - Several of my pieces were on display at the GBK 2016 MTV Movie Awards Celebrity Gift Lounge, and my work found it's way into DaySPA Magazine's Mother's Day Gift Guide!

July 2016 - My Handmade at Amazon featured video went up and I was the featured seller for a week!

September 2016 - Starletta Designs had several pieces displayed at GBK’s event honoring the hottest stars and celebrities in California in September!

October 2016 - Starletta Designs was selected and featured in the October 2016 issue of DAYSPA Magazine! My Hot Pink and Turquoise Gold Filled Necklace was prominently displayed.

November 2016 - My Black and Gold Filled Simple Necklace was chosen by the stylist of the show Quantico for Season 2, Episode 7 (air date: November 13, 2016) and was worn by Renan Kanbay who plays Millie Metzger.

December 2016 - One of my goals was getting my work on The Vampire Diaries, and in their final season, it finally happened! My Lapis and Turquoise Sterling Silver Necklace was chosen by the stylist of The Vampire Diaries and worn on the show! Worn by the character Seline in Season 8 on Episode 6 (original air date: December 2, 2016). And my work was featured in the December 2016 issue of Celebrity Page!

Looking back at all that has happened and how much I have accomplished for my small handmade jewelry business that started as a hobby is truly incredible. It inspires me to keep going and push forward! My best decision ever was leaving my day job to pursue this full time.