The Druzy Trend

Druzy crystals are an essential addition to any jewelry-lover’s collection. Which is perhaps why these sought-after sparkly rocks have quickly become our best-selling accessory! We offer an opulent selection of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and co-ordinating sets to choose from, each unique creation glimmering its way to a more glamorous outfit.

Also known as drusy, druze or druse, druzy rocks are the result of tiny crystals forming on a stone’s surface. This natural process occurs when water washes over a rock, bringing with it an abundance of minerals which, once the water evaporates and cools, form the crystals seen today. Who knew science could be so pretty!?

Blue Green Druzy Pendant Necklace

Typically, druzy crystals collect along riverbeds and shorelines, with many coastal locations offering the perfect raw source for extraction. Luckily for those of us infatuated with sparkle, druzy is one of the easiest rocks to sculpt and cut into shape, making it a popular choice for jewelry design. But although these glittery gems look delicate, druzy is seriously durable.

Not content with simply being an exquisite trinket to wear, druzy is also said to hold powerful metaphysical and healing properties. Bringing joy and light to any environment, psychics believe the stone can amplify the body’s natural healing powers, open up your energy flow and strengthen the spirit. In other words, if you’re feeling a little unhinged, looking to realign your inner psyche or simply wishing to create inner harmony… a druzy crystal could be the genie in a bottle you were hoping for! They’re also believed to offer balance to those susceptible to anxiety or negative feeling. If you’re a sensitive soul battling with a spectrum of emotion, it might be time to head to the jewelry store instead of the doctor’s office - it’s called retail “therapy” for a reason!

Pink Druzy Necklace Handmade Jewelry

It’s also worth touching on the subject of fake druzy versus authentic druzy. Unfortunately, it’s very common for fakes to be sold under false pretence, but it’s also fairly easy to spot if you know what to look for! Any stone with a jagged surface can be made to look like the real deal with a little colored paint, but it’s the way it settles into the grooves and evens out the surface of the druzy that gives the game away. As a result, the crystalline structure loses its definition and appears far less sparkly. Another way to spot a dupe is to examine the side of the rock. If the edges are straight and gray along the side, hold onto your purse and look elsewhere! It’s better to buy druzy from a trusted brand, where you’re guaranteed to secure a genuine gem.

At this stage, investing in a druzy crystal doesn’t sound like a totally bad idea… The best part is, we’re completely spoilt for choice when it comes to browsing what’s available. Depending on the mineral, druzy gems form into almost any shade. Our own assortment of fuchsia, blue, gold, purple, silver and turquoise gems (to name a seriously select few), are enough to leave us weak at the knees! And for those who simply can’t decide which color to pick, our variety of rainbow druzy jewelry can settle that dilemma.

Rainbow Druzy Jewelry

If you’re after a true touch of magic, a druzy stone looks exquisite in the form of a statement pendant. For those only looking to inject subtle detail into their style, you can opt for a more refined choice, such as a cuff bracelet or a pair of teardrop earrings. All of which are available to order immediately on site! We know you’re tempted…




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