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Cotton Candy Wax Melts

There is nothing quite like the fresh, airy scent of spun sugar cotton candy on a summer afternoon.  Memories of your childhood at the county fair quickly come to mind as you reminisce about the too-sweet snacks and having way too much fun on those warm days. 

These wax melts are an easy way to transport you to the county fair anytime.  Simply break off 2 or 3 soy-based wax melt squares and place them in a wax warmer.  The fragrance will be released as the wax melts.  Replace the wax once the fragrance dissipates, between 10-15 hours of burn time.

  • wax melts are more aromatic than candles due to the way they absorb heat
  • wax melts are a great alternative to flame candles due to safety concerns
  • soy based wax melts do not create any soot meaning a cleaner environment
  • soy based wax has a lower melting point and will last longer




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