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Sinus Relief Shower Steamer

Let our Sinus Relief Shower Steamer clear out uncomfortable congestion. The aromatherapy of eucalyptus essential oil, menthol crystals derived from peppermint oil and minty scent is the key to your relief.

Simply place the shower steamer in the shower, out of the direct water spray. As the water hits the steamer, it will release the scent.  Not feeling up to a shower?  Try with a bowl of warm water next to you; the effervescent steam will release the aromatherapy and allow you to experience the benefit without having to bathe. 

  • one tablet shower steamer in a generous 3.5 oz. size 
  • product is designed for one-time use (may be broken up for multiple uses)
  • shower steamer is foil wrapped to protect and keep it fresh. 
  • made in small batches for better quality
  • ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, avocado oil, kaolin clay, fragrance


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