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Pink Lemonade Wax Melts

One of the quintessential summer scents is mouthwatering Pink Lemonade! Refresh your home with these soy-based wax melts. You will imagine yourself relaxing on the back porch enjoying a gentle warm summer breeze on a delightful afternoon as the notes of tangy lemony citrus and sweet juicy raspberries mingle in the air!

Simply break off 2 or 3 soy-based wax melt squares and place them in a wax warmer. The fragrance will be released as the wax melts. Replace the wax once the fragrance dissipates, between 10-15 hours of burn time.

  • wax melts are more aromatic than candles due to the way they absorb heat
  • wax melts are a great alternative to flame candles due to safety concerns
  • soy based wax melts do not create any soot meaning a cleaner environment
  • soy based wax has a lower melting point and will last longer


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