These 7 Handmade Bath And Beauty Products Will Completely Change Your Shower Routine

Once you start using essential oils you'll be hooked! These highly concentrated exquisite extracts come from aromatic plants to create a wide array of handmade bath and beauty products, which means you'll end up smelling like a million bucks without worrying about any chemicals that can be hazardous to your skin. So here are some products that can help you smell as beautiful as you look. Hey! Aromas are just as big of an accessory as a nice pair of shades.


Oh-So-Sweet Sugar Scrubs by Leebrick Candle Co

If your skin is extremely sensitive to salt scrubs or you want to avoid using cancer-causing chemicals found in store-bought skincare products, then try sugar scrubs, which can remove dead skin cells without all that discomfort, and actually give your skin a nice afterfeel.


Aluminum Free Deodorant by Aide Body Care

Not only do you get odor protection, but it can reduce body odor caused by sweat, and best of all, it reduces your risk of breast cancer, because, it doesn't contain any harmful chemicals.


Protect and Renew with this Olive Cream from Bidwell Botanicals

If you want to freeze time on your face, (who doesn’t?) apply some miraculous olive cream. It's natural, and helps rehydrate with extra virgin olive oil and naturally healing organic honey, which is something we could all use, but without exposing ourselves to harsh additives. It’s hmm, hmm, good… but don’t eat it!


All Natural Lip Balms by Live Beautifully

Moisturize the dryness of your lips away with a few swipes of 100% all-natural lip balms, and by all-natural, we mean it's going to taste great like flowers and fruits, instead of chemicals that feel like you made out with a car engine.


Revive With Dead Sea Salts with this scrub by Zoe Natural Creations

Dead Sea salt hits the brakes on overactive cellular growth, and is naturally anti-aging, smooths and softens dry skin, and gets rid of unsightly wrinkles. It can also improve blood flow to your skin and even treat things like psoriasis and eczema.


Sweet Cheeks Face Scrub by Nessa's Naturals

Exfoliation should be a top priority in your beauty regimen because it removes dirt, dead skin, improves your complexion, and evens your skin tone so you can reveal your true face to the world.


Bath Bombs for the tub from Whipped Up Wonderful

Bath Bombs come with two main ingredients, citric acid and baking soda, the latter being a natural mineral that is so good for your skin. Some bath bombs even come with essential oils designed to moisturize, and keep you looking young forever.


Give handmade and natural small batch products a shot, you won't be disappointed!



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THANK YOU SO MUCH for including our Sweet Cheeks Face Scrub!
We are pleased to be in such good company :).

Blessings oxoxo ~
Vanessa aka Nessa of Nessa’s Naturals ;P

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